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Wedding Invitations by William Arthur:

Ecru Invitation with Black Wrap

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Invitation Code : WA119A

Invitation Description :

This is a particularly striking result which is produced by the ecru paper colour combined with a black ribbon.

Ailbhe Says

The Bristol heavy weight card is one of my personal all time favorites. You really need to hold this card to appreciate it's weight. While the Bristol card requires copper plate engraving or letter-pressing and is therefore somewhat more expensive, the same design elements with regard to fonts, ink colour and in this example, bow wrap, can be achieved using our standard weight invitation card. I'd be rushing out to buy a very posh frock for this wedding!


Shown are for our standard weight paper in thermography print. A full range of ink colours, ribbons, design motifs, envelope linings, etc are available as with all of our cards.

This card is also available in white paper in either the standard weight or heavy Bristol card.